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REM - Sipersound finish
[REM - F04]

Dear Sirs,

Would you like to modernize your lathes or planers? To do it multioperational? To obtain the sur-face roughness Ra=0,1 mcm (the 10th class) with the initial one Ra=6,3 mcm in one pass?

Should this be desired then we could bring to your notice a compact set for abrasive-free ultrasonic finishing treatment of metal surface.

When the ultrasound comes into contact with a worked piece, it plastically strains its surface, smoothes out peaks of microroughness and hardens the surface layer. One pass of the ultrasound emitter allows to reach Ra=0,1 mcm (the 10th class) of the surface with Ra=6,3 mcm of the initial one. By this unique method the majority of known steels, aluminum, copper and their alloys, brass, bronze and other non-ferrous and alloys are workable. The method BUO allows to treat various structure forms of surfaces: radial inside and outside surfaces, end, conical,ballsurfaces, various bulges and scallops, rectangular and radius grooves.


The BUO technology allows to increase ecological safety for men and environment. It saves man-ual labour, excludes the necessity of abrasive materials using. It simplifies the treatment process and eliminates the using of some machines, grinders, for example. It reduces the volume of in-plant transport of pieces, allows to save production areas, power consumption, labour input, to reduce needed allowance for machining.

The BUO opens up new avenues for using of surface covers of various purposes, among them for antifriction ones because it makes the ideal surface for friction pairs.

The BUO technology has gained a favourtable appraisal of the International Corps of Experts (ICE) of the USA in 1997.

Author"s term of the order execution and the client"s operators training is within 4 weeks of re-ceipt of 100% payment in advance. The device has two-year warrenty. At the case of wholesale purchasing the author"s control is within 5 years.

The performance data of the set:

Power output - 0,4 to 0,6 kW

Voltage - 220 V
Mass of the generator - 7,5 kg
Mass of the acoustic head - 4 to 6 kg

An example of the set disposition on a lathe:
1 - acoustic head
2 - connecting cable
3 - generator

Dieses Produkt haben wir am Dienstag, 10. Juni 2008 in unseren Katalog aufgenommen.


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