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Neuer professioneller Kupfer- und Aluminium-Kabelschäler
Neuer professioneller Kupfer- und Aluminium-Kabelschäler
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Loader R958 CE (CAT license)
Loader R958 CE (CAT license)
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REMô Spare parts AHM-800R   0.00EUR

We will be very glad to win you as our client of our services to Plasser ballast cleaning machinery!

* Possibilities for a sip of air in the economic crisis.
* For the first time in EC:
- EC products (ISO9001);
- Competitive prices and options for deferred payment;
- Great discounts for long-term contracts and amounts;
- Additional bonuses in customer loyalty;
- Production of one years warranty.

All about ballast cleaning machines:
- RM95, RM80, RM72, RM74, RM76, FRM 80;
- RM2002, RPM2002, AHM800R;
- Kersnaw;
- Matisa 12CB8, C14, C75, C330, C90;
- Paganelli;

RM2500, RM2003, RPM2002, RM2002, RM80-800, RMW1500, RM900, RM900HD, RM900RT, RM860, RM800 Super-SS, RM800, RM802, RM95,RM80-750, PM200, ZRM79, ZRM77,RM76, RM76UHR, RM74, ZRM60.
We offer a full range of products: REM ., Denison, BoshRexroth, EC and etc.:
- Cutting Chain assembly REM (hard teeth);
- Cutting Chain assembly REM (analog of Cutting Chain assembly Plasser);
- REM : Wear plate, Strip, Wear arch, Beam, Connecting Elbow, Corner roll, Dredrer drum disc, Seive, Hydrolic & Conventional Cutter Bar and etc.;
- Electronics PCB,EL-T, EK and etc. (P.T., EC, REM ) for RM76/80/2002;
- Hydraulic filter HY-S, HY-R, HY-D (EC, DE, REM );
- New Pump and motor (P.T.);
- Pump, motor and hydraulic full range of production Denison, BoshRexroth (production from license factory Denison and BoshRexroth EC, below their selling prices);
- Conveyor belts;
- System modernization RM (REM TV/Video, REM Scan and REM Pilot);
- Installation of new / upgraded computers for digital control;
- DRIVE AXLE from RM ;
- El. Control system for RM80

* Capital repair of ballast cleaning machines (EC factory REMTECHSTROY).
* Selling / buying of Used ballast cleaning machines;
* Sales of new ballast cleaning machines after complete repair of capital Austrian hydraulics.
* Rental of crews and drivers, training and license;
* Giving RM ballast cleaning machines for rent;
* Training of technicians and others.

Dieses Produkt haben wir am Montag, 13. Juli 2009 in unseren Katalog aufgenommen.


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