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Neue 38mm Kupferdraht Abisoliermaschine aus Metall
Neue 38mm Kupferdraht Abisoliermaschine aus Metall
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REM-N01 Aufblasbare plakatwände
REM-N01 Aufblasbare plakatwände
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REMô 62.08.2000.14 -DS5 RM80

Subject: Your enquiry for supply of REM DS5 Cutting Chain Assembly of Plasser make RM-80 machines.

DS5 Cutting Chain assembly of RM 80 model machines. Part no. 62.08.2000.14 (REM 62.08.2000.14)
Cutting Chain assembly of BCM 80 model machines. Part no. 64.08.1996 (REM64.081996)

As per REM specification no. REM3026DS5 and REM drawing no. 302DS5.
One set cutting chain consists of the following items:
- Scrapper Shovel. Pt.No.64.08.2038RT: 98 Nos.;
- Intermediate Link Pt.No.61.04.211.RT: 98 Nos.;
- Chain Bolt. Pt.No.61.04.212: 196 Nos.;
- Screw. Pt.No.61.04.218: 196 Nos.;
- Spring washer. Pt.No.B10 DIN 127: 196 Nos.;
- Hex Nut Pt.No.M.10 DIN 984-8: Set.;
- Lock washer. Pt.No.64.08.2035: Set.;
- Fixing pin. Pt.No.Fx49 DIN-1481: Set.;

1. REM DS5 Tungsten Carbide tipped Round Shaft chisel. Pt no. 64.08.2034 DS5 --- Set 98
Made out of Tungsten carbide WC, warranted for min 40 Kms of block working.

2. Note:
We shall follow the latest and amended specification of REM DS5, and we shall provide all facilities for testing and inspection of material as per specifications.
All the Showels and Links are `Ultrasonically tested` as per laid down guidelines to ensure trouble free working of material.
Although we follow the following mentioned specification and grade of steel, however we are willing to improve / revise our material composition as per your requirements.
As per REM specification no. Drg. No. REM302 DS Grade 5, the chemical composition of showel and links are as follows:

Chemicals Showel & Links:
- C: 1.05-1.45%;
- Mn: 11.5-14.0%;
- Si: 1.0% max;
- S: 0.025% max;
- P: 0.08% max;
- Cr: 0%;
- Ni: 0%;
- Mo: 0%;
Hardness: 220-230 BHN;

Chain Bolts: Material conforms to WC

Undersigned will be pleased to provide any other information required.
Weight: The total weight of the complete chain assembly consisting of 98 No Showels and 98 no Links along with all its accessories would be 3200 Kg.
Guarantee conditions: 1 /one/ calendar year
The performance of material is dependent on various conditions such as ballast, track, machine, etc, all of which are beyond our control.
We shall give free replacement for showel and links incase any manufacturing.

REM DS5 Cutting Chain assembly for RM 80 machine:

REM DS4 Cutting Chain assembly for RM 74/76/80 machine:

REM Cutting Chain assembly for RM 76/74/80 machine:

REM Cutting Chain assembly for RM 76/74/80 machine:

REM Cutting Chain assembly for RM 76/74/80 machine:

Dieses Produkt haben wir am Montag, 28. Juni 2010 in unseren Katalog aufgenommen.


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