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THUNDER-SONIC dispositivo de ultrasonidos para evitar la formaci   0.00EUR

THUNDER-SONIC is a line of modified ultrasonic devices. These devices are used to prevent formation of deposits in boilers, heat exchangers, water supply and heating pipes. Magnetostrictors installed on the equipment to be protected excite ultrasonic frequency vibrations in metal. This completely inhibits the formation of any fouling, moreover, existing deposits become flocculent within 1-6 months of the introduction of THUNDER-SONIC and can be easily removed either by THUNDERģ units or mechanically or by pneumatic flushing. As time goes on, sediments are often completely spontaneously removed. "THUNDER-SONIC ¬", an explosion-proof version, is designed for the gas and oil-refining and petrochemical industries.

Configuration: The device consists of an electrical pulse generator and magnetostrictors, which are designed as non-linear acoustic resonance emitters with a center frequency 22 KHz. Different types of generators and different numbers of magnetostrictors are used depending on the type and dimensions of the heating equipment.

- heat exchangers (including plate-type heat exchangers)
- water-heating and steam boilers (including fire-tube boilers)
- water supply and heating systems

THUNDER-SONIC is very effective for protection from any kind of sediments. Due to formation of small turbulent layer behind the heated wall THUNDER-SONIC also initiates another positive effects, such as:

- inhibition of oxidation (burning) of fluids in heaters which are being used for various oils, chocolate, milk etc.
- increasing heat transfer from hot wall into heated media (2-3% appxs.)
Item Name Content, description
TRS-2 THUNDER-SONIC-2 Dual-channel device protects up to 200 m2 of heat exchanging surface.
TRS-1 THUNDER-SONIC-1 Single-channel device designed for application at individual heat points or small heating equipment.
TRS-V-2 THUNDER-SONIC-¬2 Dual-channel device for explosive atmospheres (oil-refining and petrochemical industries)
TRS-2-IP65 THUNDER-SONIC-IP65 Dual-channel device, waterproof IP65 (ISO), protects up to 200m2 of surface

Special features:
- Works on any surfaces (plate-type heat exchangers, water-heating boilers, fire- and water-tube boilers, standpipes)
- Automatic operation;
- Explosion and fire safe;
- Complete cessation of sediments formation
- removes present sediments;
- improves of heat exchange due to vibration;

Este producto esta en nuestro catálogo desde viernes 23 mayo, 2008.


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