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THUNDER-PISTON hydrodynamischen Schwein für die Reinigung P   0.00EUR

Hydrodynamic technology for cleaning pipelines has been developed for cleaning multipurpose pressure pipelines. The ability to clean sections of any length and any design makes this technology clear choice for cleaning long pipelines (over 100 meters)

Diameter of pipelines to be cleaned: 80 - 1500 mm.

- water supply, heating systems
- pressure drainage
- oil pipelines
- cutting ditches, e.g. ash disposals
- product pipelines
- process pipelines

Principle of operation: (see illustration)
A section of pipeline is replaced with a starting chamber containing the pig (2).
Once gate (1) is opened, the pig starts moving along the pipeline. Water flows pass through the pig's vanes. The flexible vanes vibrate producing a forceful cavitation zone around the pig that destroys deposits on the inside of the pipeline. Dislodged deposits are washed away by water flow.

Special features:

  • Maximum range of cleaning per launch is not limited.
  • Removal of deposits that occupy up to 100% of pipe cross section (in combination with THUNDER units).
  • Removal of any kind deposits including extremely hard (in combination with THUNDER units).

Restoration of pipelines
HUNDER-Technologies Co. has developed a genuine method of coating pressurised pipelines with a concrete-polymer compound. This unique method of application makes it possible to coat pipeline sections up to 500 m in length without excavation. Any number of bends is permissible. As a result, the cost of restoration is several times lower than that of other technologies. Diameter of pipes to be coated up to 300 mm.

- water supply systems
- pressurized drainage
- process pipelines

Principle of operation (see illustration):
A section of a pipe is replaced with a starting chamber that contains a cleaning pig (9), a coating pig (7), a smoothing pig (6) (the cleaning pig in this case differs from the one used in cleaning as it is used to finish the pipeline surface). A coating bath is placed between the cleaning and coating pigs. Its quantity is sufficient for coating the section of pipeline. When compressor (3) starts to deliver air through receiver (4), the pigs start to move along the pipeline. Composition of the adhesive is chosen in accordance with the purpose for which the pipeline is used. The procedure is then repeated until the desired thickness and smoothness of coating is achieved.

Special features:
- Pipeline can contain wormholes up to 5 mm in diameter.
- Coating thickness is 3 - 10 mm.
- Service life is up to 30 years.
- Length of sections to be one-pass coated is up to 500 m.
- Health certificate for application in water supply systems.

Dieses Produkt haben wir am Freitag, 23. Mai 2008 in unseren Katalog aufgenommen.


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