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Lavadora automática coche AWG   0.00EUR

 This model is compeletely automatic computer car wash system. The merits of its non-personnel cleaning, the automatic mechanical operation, the low cost, and the environmental protection.
 Does not have the contact type, the brand-new design, the installment to be convenient, the price actual benefit, the simplicity of operator, safe reliable, the environmental protection saves, the post-sale safeguard; In the entire clean process only then the neutral water and the active ingredient and the automobile body contact, do not have any visible thing, like soft cloth, hair brush or other wash medium and automobile body contact. It has without the contact, zero wears, occupies a land area, the effect to be good few, the sequencing, the automation, the low maintenance, easy to operate characteristic.
 The L-type car wash way is the first, the world's leading, it can clean all the parts of the car, including automobile body gap.
 The model installs conveniently, is suitable in the indoor installment, the installment only needs 7 meters to be long, 3.25 meters width, 3.1 meters high.
 The system uses the electro-optical localization technology to determine that vehicle's position and the shape, and control the clean arm (L) to vehicle's about and the peripheral clean, the arm may revolve, the backlash, does not send harms the automobile , will not present the accident which absolutely the winding, the hit, out of control and so on common car washer will appear frequently.

AWG1000 /7000x3500x3100 mm/
(L) (W) (H)
AWG2000 /8000x3500x3100 mm/
(L) (W) (H)
AWG3000 /8000x3500x3100 mm/
(L) (W) (H)
 Track Length   7000 mm   8000 mm   8000 mm
Power  380V/ 3 Phase  380V/ 3 Phase  380V/ 3 Phase
Electric Power  11kW  11kW  17kW
 Complete Machine Power   12kW   12kW   18kW
Water Consumption 70L/ unit Not recycling 100L/ unit Not recycling 100L/ unit Not recycling
Electricity Consumption About 0.3kW/ unit About 0.3kW/ unit About 0.7kW/ unit
Car Wash ability About 30 / hour About 30 / hour About 20 / hour
Car Wash speed About 100 second/ unit About 100 second/ unit About 180 second/ unit
Chassis Flushing Function Have Have Have
Wipe-free Function Have Have Have
Adaptation Models Cars, a variety of small passenger vans Cars, a variety of small passenger vans Cars, a variety of small passenger vans
Swipe Card System Have Have Have
Throws The Coin Function Choose to buy Choose to buy Choose to buy
Air Seasoning System Choose to buy Choose to buy Choose to buy
Sewage Circulatory System Choose to buy Choose to buy Choose to buy

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