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Máquinas usadas Track (en vent)

Dear customers,
REMTECH™ has at is disposal the largest railway equipment ( over 800 items) in the world, which is considered to contain over than eight hundred positions used and rebuild – heavy railway mechanization manufactured by companies like: Plasser, Matisa, Robel, Krupp and others.

Please, feel free to get into contact with the working team of REMTECH™ company on the following occasions:
- if you are offering to sell second hand railway mechanization (as its current technical condition and its year of manufacture will be considered of no importance);
- if you have in your possession railway mechanization, units or aggregates which are waste products or which have undergone certain damage (or if you find this mechanization of no use to you or if you are willing to replace it);
- if you have in your possession any information about a certain seller who offers second hand railway mechanization at a bargain price (in these circumstances, we would be glad to cover your expenses and, with that, the commission percentage in case of a deal);
- if you are looking to purchase second hand railway mechanization in good working order or which is rebuild;
- if you are interested in opportunities to employ your mechanization for working purposes or if you offer for rent a railway equipment not currently in use. In these circumstances, REMTECH™ is able to provide for you the appropriate customers and the relevant contracts straightaway;
- if you are searching for narrow specialists, engine-drivers or operators to employ for your second hand railway mechanization;
- if you are a contracting entity and are interested in infrastructure objects to carry out, but you are not in possession of railway mechanization, if you are looking for such mechanization to rent for a specific period of time or if you are interested to find an appropriate contractor for the implementation of the infrastructure object;
- if you have the desire to exchange your railway mechanization, which has been already damaged or which you find of no use to you, with another mechanization or if you are looking for a newer model of railway mechanization which is in good working order;
- if you have in your possession railway mechanization which needs a major overhaul and/or you would like to exchange it straightaway for another mechanization which is in good working order or which have undergone an overhaul accompanied with warranty services.

REMTECH™ offers the most advantageous conditions and prices on the market which are not yet offered by the companies appearing as our competitors like: Plasser, Robel and Matisa. Our offers are fairly profitable and they entirely conform to your financial requirements with all their specificities in a time of economic crisis. Your high expectations concerning warranty services are also adequately met as they are performed at your own place, twenty-four hours a day. Apart from these conveniences, we also offer additional opportunities to apply for a lease.

All of our clients who have the desire to receive the current news and also wish to have access to all the current new offers for the railway mechanization to be offered (like for example New REMTECH™, USED TRACK equipment and REBUILT TRACK equipment) are expected to register at the following address News REM™ Industrial Shop:
To receive news must select Options - Newsletter: [X] when registering.
You can always disable this option [...] later if you do not wish to receive news by e-mail.

NEW REMTECH™ mechanization, USED TRACK mechanization and REBUILT TRACK mechanization

Used Machines for Sale: feed


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Este producto esta en nuestro catálogo desde miércoles 12 enero, 2011.


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