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Luxus-Klimaanlage DC12/24V PRO-T2500W fŁr LKW/Wohnmobil
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T312A DC Inverter Multi-Funktionen Welder (Cutter)   598.00EUR

  The Profi TIG + MMA + Plasma inverter T312A,T416A and T205 is a fully featured, high-quality device for welding at the highest level is open to the usability and features to be desired. Here are the latest Inverter technology comes in a small space used.  

Specification T312A T416A T205
Rated Input Voltage(V) AC 230 AC 230 AC 230
Frequency (HZ) 50/60 50/60 50/60
Input Power RMS / max. (A) 12/14,9 14,7/20,4 23
No-load voltage TIG / Plasma (V) 60 60 80/250
Housing protection grade IP21S IP21S IP21S
Class of Insulation F F F
Over voltage protection Yes Yes Yes
Rated Duty Cycle(60%) 120A Duty 60% 160A Duty 60% 200A Duty 60%
Rated Duty Cycle(100%) 90A Duty 100% 130A Duty 100% 160A Duty 100%
Welding current DC TIG(A) 10-120A 10-160A 5-200A
MMA welding current (A) 10-120A 10-150A 10-160A
Plasma cutting current (A) 10-30A 10-40A 20-50A
Air Compressor: 4.5 bar, 30-100 liter 4.5 bar, 30-100 liter 4.5 bar, 30-100 liter
Ignition TIG: HF-high frequency HF-high frequency HF-high frequency
Gas running time (s) 1-25 sec 1-25 sec 1-25 sec
TIG electrode diameter (mm) 1-3,2 mm 1-3,2 mm 1-3,2 mm
MMA electrode diameter (mm) 1-2,5 mm 1-3,2 mm 1-4,0 mm
According to EN 60974-1 60974-1 60974-1
EC directives conformity CE CE CE
Net Weight (kg) 9 12,5 12,5
Dimensions L/H/B (cm) 37x30x17 43x36x21 43x36x22
Price FOB EURO 598 EU 680 EU 780 EU
Warranty EU: 1 year 1 year 1 year
Country Origin: Germany Germany Germany

For T312A machine:
 DC TIG welding: The device delivers up to 120Amp. at a duty cycle of 60%. Hereby the T312A allows the welding of almost all metals such as Steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, etc. besides light metals such as aluminum, titanium, etc. The welding current is continuously variable from 10 to 120 amps.
 HF ignition: The device uses a high frequency alternating current ignition, the arc lights in non-contact button.
 Soft-Start: The Patented soft start function ignites with just 5A.
 Post Gas: Is it important to cool the molten weld metal and the torch to the welding process and to protect the weld from oxidation. This value is continuously variable 1 to 25 seconds.
 MMA Welding: At the same time a welding rectifier intigriert to the electric welding with rod electrodes in the device. The welding current is continuously variable from 10 to 120 amps.
 Anti-Stick: The Anti-Stick function reduces the power immediately and automatically, thus preventing the burn out of the electrode.
 Hot Start: The hot-start function will ignite the tension at the start automatically increased so that even problematic electrodes. After the ignition the device automatically switches back to the set voltage.

 Plasma Cutting: With the plasma cutter can be any electrically conductive metals up to max. 8mm cut effortlessly. (Air compressor required), the cutting current is adjustable from 10 - 30 amperes. Thanks to modern IGBT inverter technology, here is the duty cycle DC = 60% at 30 amps.

 IGBT inverter technology (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor)

Dieses Produkt haben wir am Mittwoch, 26. Januar 2011 in unseren Katalog aufgenommen.


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