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REM Silicone Oil - AK5000

We offer a special silicone oil with high temperature of burning Ė viscosity from 2000 to 1000000 for equipping of a REMô Transducer EL-T (EC-Bulgaria) and for Plasser Transducer EL-T and other measurement units.
The said oil is completely interchangeable with a Plasser oil of AK brand ----- Silicone Oil and it has fully analogical characteristics, as well as an ISO certificate for manufacture, and is tested by a German accredited laboratory for testing and compliance of the product with meeting the EU norms.

REMô Silicone Oil 2000 [ AK2000] Ė 1 kg, 5 kg, 50 kg, 100 kg

REMô Silicone Oil 5000 [ AK5000] Ė 1 kg, 5 kg, 50 kg, 100 kg
Type analysis:
Viscosity (25 įC): 4704-5250 mm2/s
Density (25 įC): 0,97-0,981
Pour point: ~50 įC
Flash point: ~321 įC
Ignition point: ~395 įC

REMô Silicone Oil 10000 [ AK10000 ] Ė 1 kg, 5 kg, 50 kg, 100 kg

By choice of the client, we can offer an oil with another viscosity:
REMô Silicone Oil - –low viscous: 3 cSt, 5 cSt, 10 cSt, 20 cSt
REMô Silicone Oil - medium viscous: 50 cSt, 200 cSt, 350 cSt, 500 cSt, 1000 cSt
REMô Silicone Oil - high viscous: 5000 cSt, 10 000 cSt, 20 000 cSt, 60 000 cSt, 100 000 cSt
REMô Silicone Oil - super high viscous: 500 000 cSt, 1 000 000 cSt
We offer electronics MODULES (PCB, EL-T, EK, TRANSDUCER, POTENTIOMETER, PR.CIRCUIT BOARD CPL and etc.) full analog with 30-60% per cent lower prices Plasser:

-REM609.00 Versine Transducer (Replace EL-T609.00 ):

-REM609.00HG Versine Transducer (Replace EL-T609.00HG ):

-REM750.00 Spooling Transducer (Replace EL-T750.00 ):

-REM750.00HG Spooling Transducer (Replace EL-T750.00HG ):

-REM750.00ZS Spooling Transducer (Replace EL-T750.00ZS ):

-REM856.00 Versine Recorder Transducer (Replace EL-T856.00 ):

-REM1041.00(HG) Spooling Transducer (Replace EL-T1041.00(HG) ):

-REM1064.00 Proportional Transducer (Replace EL-T1064.00 ):

-REM1330.00LI Depth Transducer (Replace EL-T1330.00LI ):

-REM1330.00RE Depth Transducer (Replace EL-T1330.00RE ):

-REM2013.00LI Big Proportional Transducer (Replace EL-T2013.00LI ):

-REM2013.00RE Big Proportional Transducer (Replace EL-T2013.00RE ):

-REM2013A Proportional Transducer (Replace EL-T2013A ):

-REM2036.00 Electron Pendulum Sensor (Replace EL-T2036.00 ):

-REM2044.00LI Proportional Transducer (Replace EL-T2044.00LI ):

-REM2044.00RE Proportional Transducer (Replace EL-T2044.00RE ):

-REM2061.00(HG) Transducer (Replace EL-T2061.00(HG) ):

-REM2085L Transducer (Replace EL-T2085L ):

-REM2085R Transducer (Replace EL-T2085R ):

-REM2111.00(B) Pendulum (Replace EL-T2111.00(B) ):

REM Proportional Transducer REM ELT 2013.00 and other electronics.

REM Proportional Transducer REM2013.00, REM609.00 and other transducer.

REM Proportional Transducer REM2013.00, REM1064.00, REM2036.00 and other transducer.
Contract is executed and delivered a large batch of electronics 08.2011g. National Railway Company.

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