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REMô Test stand tamping units

Stand for test and development of tamping units

The stand is intended to test tamping units of railway mechanization of type REMTECH™ or of another manufacturer ; in the conditions of roundhouse and repair shops.

Platform structure
The stand consists of a tank, a control panel, electrical operation, control valves, safety valve, track with bogies, ball valves, linking hydraulic hoses.

Functional capabilities:
- Tests and development of tamping units of railway equipment of type REMTECH™ or of another manufacturer
- Controls oil pressure in the hydraulic cylinders;
- Ensures the vibration shaft rotation frequency within the range 0 – 1500 rev/min.;
- Controls the frequency of rotation of the vibration shaft within 0-1500 rev./min. with a relative error of accuracy of up to 1%;
- Controls oil temperature in the tank;
- Controls temperature in the vibration shaft bearings and the central joint (lamellar) sleeves.

Description of work process of the platform:
The tamping unit, after an overhaul, is installed in the fixings of the bogie and is linked via hydraulic hoses to the stand with faster connections. Then, from the control panel checked is the flawless movement of the inner and outer tampings, and also controlled is the pressure in the hydraulic cylinders of the tamping unit, and checked is the rotation of the flywheel at idle. Then, under pressure of the tampings there occurs a rotation of the vibration shaft according after testing methodology. During the test pressure is controlled by hydraulic cylinders, the rotations of the operating shaft, the temperature of heating the bearings, the noise level during operation of the tamping unit.


Parameter name


Type of supply

Alternating tri – phase

Power voltage, V


Power frequency, Hz



Electric motor voltage, kW

Electric motor for actuation of the hydraulic pump for control of the movement of the external and internal tampings – 2 pcs, kW




Control of the vibration shaft rotation frequency with a precision of 0,5 rev./min.


Control for the oil temperature, °С


Weight in kg, not more than


Temperature of the process liquid/oil, °С not more than


Filtrating component (precise cleaning), pcs


Capacity of the oil tank, litres, not more than


Process liquid

oil Shell

Oil cooling – flow water

Oil cooler

Test gauges for pressure:

Pressure gauge for super for overload pressure, kg/cm 2

Sensor, kg/cm 2




Test gauges for measuring of the temperature:

- temperature of the oil, thermo – electric couple

- temperature of bearing junctions, infrared thermometer.



From -50 to +180

From -30 to +200


Consumed power of the stand, kW, not more than


Hydraulic pump

Р nom =20 MPa;

n nom =20 rev/sec.

Hydraulic pump

Р nom =20 MPa;

n nom =20 rev/sec.


Foundations with the tank

Overall dimensions W x L x H, mm, not more than

2200 х 2200 х 2850

Rail track with bogie

Overall dimensions W x L x H, mm, not more than

6000 х 800 х 1500

Total mass of the stand (without oil), tons, not more than




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