1. The rubber level crossing REM cheaper than STRAIL:


  Other systems for building level crossings and lines than the specified above systems:

  2. Railway level crossing panels of reinforced concrete REM type CP /for sleeper-less laying/:


     Speed of passing: up to 160 km/h.
     Axle load more than 100 tons.
     Radius of assembly in curve: >= 100m.
     Time of assembly up to 1-2 days.

     The reinforced concrete panels are assembled on a basis (gravel or concrete), with good loading capacity and low susceptibility to subsiding. (EV=110 MN/m2).
     As a result of this comes a level crossing or a line with almost unlimited time of operation and nearly no maintenance expenses as if it is needed, the railing and the fastener may be replaced if it is worn out or defective.

 3. Building of asphalt or concrete railway level crossing (line) with prior laid vulcanized seals:

     The very vulcanized sockets afford after laying the asphalt (concrete) on the level crossing, their upper part to be disassembled and if it is needed to change the railing and the fastener. The sockets are laid on wooden or reinforced concrete sleepers and used in railway level crossings, crane, tram ways, implementation of service paths in tunnels and others.

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