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AltŲlbrenner GOIL200KW (116-200KW) aus Europa
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Micro REM "Unterwasser-Eye"
[Micro REM "U]
  7,480.00EUR 6,280.00EUR

The ROV REM Micro is a really micro sized vehicle that has all main features inherited from larger underwater systems. The vehicle combines low coast with the full set of REM ROV capabilities.

ROV technical specifications:
- 3 magnetically coupled thrusters
- Operating depth up to 50 m
- Cruising speed up to 2 knots
- Ultra thin flexible Kevlar umbilical cable (3mm), up to 75 m long
- Color camera PAL CCD 1/3", 480 TV Lines, 0.3 lux,
- Two clusters of ultra-bright LEDs
- Depth sensor with accuracy 0.1 m, auto-depth mode
- Data display
- Power supply 220VAC or 12VDC battery
- Total power consumption less than 80Watt
- Full system packed in two high-performance waterproof STORMCASE
- ROV weight: 1.5 kg, total system weight:11 kg
- ROV dimensions: 210x185x150mm
- System basic set
- REM Rov micro submersible (Depth Rating 50m)
- Umbilical cable 50m
- Depth sensor (auto-depth mode, data output on screen)
- Cable reel (plastic)
- LCD monitor 8"
- Surface control/power supply unit
- Joystick Sony PSone
- Cable connectors set
- Repair kit
- Userís manual

ROV warranty (except connecting cable and propellers) is 1 year. Time of delivery is 2 Ė 6 weeks.

Extra Equipment
Video vision glasses V-490
Personal glasses are very useful during the field work.

LCD monitor 8"
Monitor is installed inside the shipping case.

Polypropylene frame with positively buoyant module
The frame protects the underwater vehicle against damage, reduces probability of a hook, raises stability of the vehicle during the motion, and used as a base for installation of the additional equipment.

Wireless joystick Logitech Cordless Action Controller
Joystick increases steering ease of the vehicle.

Movable lift point
Movable lift point aloud to reel on/reel off the cable on a cable frame during the vehicle operation.

Aluminium cable frame with movable lift point (cable up to 200 m, diameter 3 mm)
This is a special proprietary designed cable frame.

High-performance waterproof case (packed system)
Two cases are necessary for installation of the complete set of the equipment.

Für weitere Informationen, besuchen Sie bitte die Homepage zu diesem Produkt.issuu.com/remtechnology/docs/robots?mode=embed&documentId=080429143243-1017b50a95fe4bf99b2439c0e3d1d3fa&layout=whiteTEXT_MORE_INFORMATION_END
Dieses Produkt haben wir am Montag, 12. Mai 2008 in unseren Katalog aufgenommen.


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